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We offer a variety of training programs and workshops which can be customized to organizations and community needs. As we value empowerment and collaboration, our teaching model is designed to shape a learning process together.

Workshop #1: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 101

Basic workshop on overview of terminology and the importance of learning the terms.

Workshop #2: Uncovering our Unconscious Bias

We all have them, so what can we to ensure we don’t let them get in the way of our decision making

Workshop #3: Cultural Communications

We have different ways of communicating. In this workshop you will learn how to be a more effective communicator.

Workshop #1: Running Effective Meetings

How many have left meetings and thought that could have been done in an email? Participants will leave with meeting templates and an understanding of how to be concise during meetings and what type of information to send prior to a meeting. This can be tailored to in person or virtual or a combination of both.

Workshop #2: Business Communication 

Participants will have an understanding on how to use the correct medium for the message to ensure they are being heard. This will include email tips to ensure that your email does not get lost in the hundreds that people can receive in a day! 

Workshop #3: Presentation Skills

Participants will have the knowledge of what makes an effective presentation and develop their public speaking skills.

Any of the above workshops are tailored specifically for indigenous communities as each of the programs has local language, culture and history components.


Whether you need a leadership strategic session or a front-line focus group…we offer professional facilitation services to help make your next planning session more effective and efficient.

We will develop a comprehensive session agenda based on your needs. We set up the room and facilitate the day for you. We worry about the details so the whole team can actively participate without worrying about the logistics. Following the session, you will receive a summary of session outcomes including next steps and actions required.